About us


About Petro

After completing my articles in 1996, I was involved in various projects across industries in the private sector.

I lectured accounting & taxation at UNISA and held positions as Financial Manager.

I have a passion for education, and it motivates me to empower business owners to reach their goals. I constantly seek opportunities to support companies with accounting, tax and administrative services while expanding my own skill set and broadening the horizons for myself and my clients.


  • B Com (Accounting) – University of Johannesburg (RAU)
  • B Com Hons (Financial Management) – University of Johannesburg (RAU)
  • Online short course – University of Cape Town
  • Fintech: Disruption in Finance
  • Data Analysis
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About Niche Accounting

Niche Accounting and Taxation Consultancy is an accounting firm with a vision to provide highly professional and quality service that will put their clients’ minds at ease. The business was inspired by a passion to educate and assist small and medium-sized businesses on financial matters so that they can make a success in their specific markets. We provide expert accounting services through innovative online accounting solutions that keep up-to-date financial information at our fingertips to help our clients make informed business decisions.

As accountants, we do more than most business owners realise. We can grow with a business to provide support on many levels that can include strategic planning, automation of administrative functions, and continuously identifying areas where revenue can be boosted or money saved. We buffer the pressures of tax submission deadlines and work with clients to fix poor record-keeping and ensure that the books are airtight in the event of an audit.

Our purpose is to give our clients peace of mind so that they can focus on their core business and to do what they are good at. Our clients don’t need to worry about their accounting and tax; we will take care of it. The Niche team is experienced in all tax matters and have good relations with SARS that enable us to manage our clients’ tax assessments and issues on their behalf. We have a legal expert on board who ensures that clients get the best advice on family matters so that they are prepared in a time of need.

About Our Clients

We have specialist knowledge and experience in the Health & Wellness and Legal fields that enable us to provide a focused accounting service to providers in these industries. We understand what makes these businesses tick.

Tax planning becomes more complex when a practice gets registered and when it begins to accumulate capital; that is where we can support health and legal practitioners to make good financial decisions based on historical and current financial data.

Our services are not limited to professional practices - we service business owners in any industry as well as individuals with tax and accounting needs.

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About Virtual Accounting

The outsourcing of essential business services is becoming more popular by the day, and accounting and tax services are no different. Business owners can now focus on their core delivery and employ the services of a virtual accountant to meet all the deliverables that an in-house accountant would have done, with an added cost- and time-saving benefit.

All financial reports and statements are available daily, there are no recruitment fees, no overheads and no company benefits payable to virtual accountants. Our service delivery is scalable and business owners don’t need to buy expensive accounting packages that will probably not be used to its full potential. There is no traditional tax or accounting function that cannot be performed remotely, which means business owners still have one provider for their payroll, tax, invoices, PAYE, VAT etc. requirements – we are specialists in what we do.

About Our Support

You can count on us


Because we are so passionate about educating our clients on tax and accounting matters, we deliver world-class support in keeping our clients well informed and stress-free.

While delivering all the services we offer, we also -

  • Provide ongoing support by phone or email throughout the year
  • Provide tax and financial advice and assist with planning
  • Agree costs up front wherever possible
  • Minimise paperwork
  • Email due date reminders
  • Visit SARS on your behalf when needed
  • Keep clients informed of any changes in regulations