We are an accounting firm that
offers online accounting, payroll and taxation services for
small to medium-sized businesses.

Niche Accounting

Your Complete Accounting & Tax Solution.

Business Admin

Admin is an essential function of all businesses that often gets neglected. For peace of mind, hand your admin functions over to us.


Accounting is important for all businesses to keep track of their financial health, but not everyone has the necessary expertise to utilize this function to their advantage.


Tax – a word no-one likes, but no-one can avoid. SARS is a headache for most people, but having and experienced and professional accountant can ease the pain.

Need an accountant or trouble with tax?

Why choose us?

  • We understand what makes your business tick

  • We can arrange a Virtual OR Face to Face meeting at your convenience

  • Online Accounting platforms allow us to work remotely

  • We explain the scope of the work and resulting benefits

  • We constantly strive to add value to your business

  • We explain any unclear concepts, no matter how simple or complex

  • You have a dedicated accountant allocated to your business

  • You have direct access to the owner of the firm